Who We Are!

Blittzed! is a website development and online marketing boutique. Our mission is to help businesses become more successful. If you are a small, medium or large business owner, you may not have the time or right person in place to develop a highly effective dynamic website and successfully manage your online presence. We exist to help people like you enhance and expand your online visibility, thus driving customers into your store.

The Blittzed! Marketing team is led by Shaun Auxier and his team of strategic advisors/magicians. With more than two decades of experience, we’re experts in the marketing arena, digital and print. We have acquired the knowledge and experience to tackle a broad scope of services, from website development and management, to search engine optimization and marketing (SEO & SEM) , social media marketing, branding & strategy implementation and so much more.

What We Do!

More than a web design company, more than an online marketing company, Blittzed! handles every aspect of making businesses and entrepreneurs successful through the Internet. Everything related to marketing is interconnected, this extends to in-store promotional campaigns as well. Working with clients to design effective websites, we manage the website, social media, and any other marketing needed. We develop community portals that create awareness and link customers to local deals. We maintain advertising campaigns using a multitude of different vehicles since every business type is unique.

Blittzed! is growing, currently assisting more than 50 websites and work with more than 100 advertisers. We’ve been staffing up and training over the past 18 months in order to grow and still give every client the personal attention needed and deserved. If you have a question or need something done, we are almost always able to help that same day.

Blittzed! is always evolving, innovating, and moving with digital world. There is nothing “out of scope” for us. Just ask!

Why Choose Us!

Blittzed! is led by online marketing experts who have decades of experience in harnessing the power of the Internet to make large and small businesses successful. We have assisted some of the best-known Internet giants; Yahoo!, Microsoft, AOL, Double Click, and many more. Assisting smaller companies and individuals who seek success in gaining exposure and new business opportunities through the Internet is really what we love to do, and we are ready to hear from you!

Our Internet expertise, plus our real-world business experience, equals performance quality – and we top that with our attention to detail, our blazing-fast speeds, and our passion for marketing. Further, our development process is proprietary and not used by any other internet companies.

Rely on our professional experts in web design, website development and management, smartphone app development and management, Internet marketing, graphic design, SEO copy-writing, and more. We’re here to make sure that when people seek products and services in your industry, they’ll find you and take action.

Put simply, we’re so confident we can help, we have No Contracts, No Agreements, and absolutely No Hassles.

Why Not!


Allow the Blittzed! Team to drive the bus, bundle our services in order to save huge amounts of money other companies charge an arm and a leg for.  We are here as a comprehensive, full-service Online/Offline Strategic Marketing company.  It’s not the size of Blittzed! that makes us your best solution, it’s our dedication to our clients.  In a world that has forgotten the simple things like customer service, pride in your job, or even happy just to be working, we never forget where we came from and hold those values close to the heart.

Kindest Regards,

The Blittzed! Executive Marketing Team

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